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Telecommunication Industry

Redefining Connectivity

Revive Technology Ltd: UK-based telecom innovator, excelling in VoIP services for carriers, phone companies, and resellers.

Revive Technology Ltd, a UK-based entity, embarked on its venture within the Telecommunications Industry’s retail sector, headquartered in the UK. Our operations revolve around providing wholesale and retail VoIP termination services, catering to carriers, phone companies, VoIP service providers, and resellers.

Our corporate mission revolves around the development of global solutions tailored for Voice and SMS within the international VoIP/SMS market. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering high-quality services that ensure cost efficiency.

Our robust presence spans African, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latin American, and European destinations, where our expertise shines. Leveraging our professional team, Revive guarantees bespoke solutions for each client, ensuring optimal outcomes. Our continuous pursuit involves seeking new interconnections and fostering enduring business relationships, aiming to establish robust and mutually advantageous partnerships.

Our Services

Premium Telecom Services

At Exclusive Telecom Services, we specialize in delivering top-tier voice and SMS services curated by our team of seasoned experts. Our offerings ensure unrivaled reliability and excellence in both wholesale and retail origination & termination.

Expert Customer Support

Anticipate surpassing your service expectations with our dependable NOC Support Team available round the clock. Technical issues pose no challenge for us – we guarantee swift and effective resolution.

Direct Access to Premium Routes

We take pride in our direct associations with suppliers, providing us access to stable, high-quality routes at exceedingly competitive rates within the Market.

Tailored Offerings for Diverse Needs

Our commitment extends to accommodating various client requirements and budgets. We tailor international retail and wholesale voice deals and offer diverse SMS qualities at aggressive rates in the Market.


Embracing new partnerships remains a priority, fostering robust and mutually beneficial relationships. Simultaneously, we extend flexible post-payment options and maintain balanced terms for online payments, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.